We remind parent(s) to dress their child accordingly to wheather conditions. In winter this include snowpants, boots, toque, and mittens.

Outdoor Weather Policy

In order to ensure that the children who attend our Centre get the maximum benefits from the program, the Centre has established the following outdoor weather policy:

  • Staff will call the Public Weather Information to dertermine the exact temperature and weather conditions.
  • In winter, the children will be kept indoors when the temperature outside is lower than -20C. This includes both the temperature and the wind chill.

We realize the importance of poviding an opportunity each day for the children to be outdoors. Therefore, if the temperature is above -20C, the children will be taken outdoors for the following lengths of time at the following temperatures:


Maximum Lenght of Time Outside

-17C to -20C10 minutes
-13C to -16C15 minutes
-6C to -12C30 minutes
0C to -5C45 minutes

**These times may change based on wind chill factors or other extreme wheater conditions.

In summer, should temperatures exceed 25C, exposure to the sun will be limited and sunscreen will be applied generously and frequently to all children.